Terms & Conditions

‘Buy a Picket’ Fundraising Campaign

Terms & Conditions

By donating to the Queensland Cricket Foundation (the fundraising arm of Queensland Cricket Association), you agree to be bound to these terms and conditions.

All donations to the Queensland Cricket Foundation (QCF) are tax-deductible through the Australian Sports Foundation (Sports Foundation) Ltd. For over 30 years, the Sports Foundation has helped clubs and organisations from the grassroots and community level to the professional and elite national level to fundraise. The Sports Foundation collects your personal information for the purposes of processing and receipting donations you make and sending you information on the QCF’s philanthropic activities. For more information on the Australian Sports Foundation, please visit asf.org.au 

1. Definitions

Qld Cricket” means the Queensland Cricket Association (ABN 55 612 695 676) of PO Box 575, Albion Qld 4010.

Qld Cricket Foundation” or “QCF” purpose is to fundraise and invest into cricket initiatives that create positive differences in Queensland communities. The QCF does not have a separate legal structure from Qld Cricket. It is a project that is part of Qld Cricket and has been approved and established by the Qld Cricket Board. It was set up to assist in fundraising for the programs and initiatives mentioned above. It is managed by a select committee of eight outstanding members of the community and has its own coordinator. It manages all private and corporate donations collected by Qld Cricket, including those made directly to Qld Cricket as well as those received indirectly by way of grants from the ASF.

Sport Foundation” means the Australian Sports Foundation Ltd.

You” or “your” means the individual person and or entity/company who is designated as the Donor in the completed form on the Picket Fence web page that is completed online via buyapicket.com.au

Donor” means the voluntarily transferring of money to QCF for exchange of an etched plaque on a picket (you/you name) at the Allan Border Field.

Picket Fence” means the individual pickets located around the Allan Border Field playing field. Qld Cricket are the owners of the Picket Fence.

2. ‘Buy a Picket’

2.1 Picket

All funds raised through the ‘Buy a Picket’ Campaign will go towards creating a sustainable community and sporting hub with cricket at its heart.  The ‘Buy A Picket’ campaign offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to secure a piece of history at the Allan Border Field and be part of its legacy. By donating a Picket, Members, fans, philanthropists and the wider community will be recognised with their name or their family’s name etched onto a picket at the historic Allan Border Field.

The picket fence is owned by Qld Cricket and located at the Allan Border Field.

2.2 Term of ‘Buy a Picket’ Campaign

2.2 (a) Term

Subject to the terms and conditions of purchasing as outlined in this document, your recognition on a picket at the Allan Border Field will be for a 10-year period from the official opening of the precinct or if donated after the opening at the completion of 10 years from payment received by the Foundation.

If Allan Border Field is to be relocated and the picket fence is removed, all pickets will be relocated to the new location until completion of the 10-year period. If this relocation is to occur, we will endeavour to contact all donors to advise them of the new location.

2.2 (b) At Term End

At the completion of the term, the Donor can:

  • Be offered the opportunity to renew their picket (providing Qld Cricket continues to re-run the campaign).
  • If not renewing, receive the plaque (not the actual picket) in its current state (including the impact of weather and conditions) by contacting the Qld Cricket Foundation.

2.3 ‘Buy a Picket’ Types

Following are the ‘Buy a Picket’ products and what is etched on each picket:

Option 1Your Name | $500

Option 2Your Name + Queensland Representative | $1,500

Option 3Your Name + Legend | $5,000

2.4 ‘Buy a Picket’ Etching

Upon completion of filling out the name you would like to have displayed on the picket, this is considered an offer to Queensland Cricket and therefore Queensland Cricket reserves the right to either accept or decline your proposed wording. Qld Cricket reserves the right to change any prescribed wording by the donor which uses profanity or may offend anyone. Qld Cricket will consult with the Donor before any changes are made via their nominated email address and have 30 days to respond.
If following the selection of a picket with a player’s name, the player chooses to no longer be acknowledged on the picket, we will advise you of this and offer you the option to either remove your name and receive a refund, or select another player for your name to be alongside.

3. ‘Buy a Picket’ Payment

Except where stated otherwise, all ‘Buy a Picket’ purchases are exclusive of GST. All purchases displayed are in Australian Dollars (AUD).

3.1 Payment Terms

By purchasing a picket, Donors accept full responsibility for:

  • The accuracy and truth of the details they have provided and responsibility for notifying Qld Cricket should they change or are incorrect within 30 days from payment; and
  • Ensuring that there are sufficient clear funds available in the nominated account on the scheduled drawing date.

If a debit is returned or dishonored by the Donor’s financial institution an email will be sent requesting immediate payment. Any fees levied to the Donor by the financial institution will be payable by the Donor and Qld Cricket accepts no liability for such fees. Qld Cricket may suspend or cancel your ‘Buy a Picket’ if your payment is dishonored by your financial institution.

3.2 Payment Options

Payment is upfront via the ‘Buy a Picket’ Website. Mastercard, Visa and Debit Cards are only accepted. There are no Payment plan options available at this time.

3.3 Tax Deductible Receipt

If you selected the option at check out for your donation to be tax-deductible, your donation will be made to the Queensland Cricket Foundation through the Australian Sports Foundation Ltd. The Australian Sports Foundation will email you a tax-deductible receipt within 60 days of the payment of the donation if it was requested at the time of purchase.

The Australian Sports Foundation is a deductible gift recipient established by the Australian Government to raise funds through public and corporate donations for the development of sport in Australia. Qld Cricket has registered the Qld Cricket Foundation as a project with the Australian Sports Foundation.

4. Refunds Policy

4.1 Purpose

The Qld Cricket Foundation seeks and receives online donations through its website, including buyapicket.com.au.

The Qld Cricket Foundation recognises that sometimes donations are made in error and it does not seek to be the recipient of donations that are not willingly given.

This policy governs the conditions under which the Qld Cricket Foundation will refund donations and the process to be followed.

4.2 Policy Statements

Qld Cricket Foundation will refund any donation given in error for a period of 30 days after the payment date, prior to all funds being transferred to Australian Sports Foundation. Once funds have been transferred and received by the Australian Sports Foundation, refunds are unable to be processed.

4.3 Conditions

Any refund will be made by credit to the card used for the original online donation.

No refund is available if more than 30 days has elapsed since payment of an online donation.

All requests for refunds must be made in writing and directed to:

Email: foundation@qldcricket.com.au


c/o Qld Cricket Foundation

Allan Border Field

PO Box 575

Albion Qld 4010

Requests for refunds must include details of the initial donation – the date, amount, name of the donor – and the nature of the error.

4.4 Provision

Any tax invoice/receipt issued for refunded online donations immediately becomes void and invalid, and in the case of error in amount, a new tax invoice will be issued for the amount in the corrected donation amount.

4.5 Application

This policy applies to all donations made to Qld Cricket Foundation through the Qld Cricket Foundation or buyapicket.com.au website.

5. Non Transferable

The name selected by the Donor will remain etched into the Allan Border Field Picket Fence for a period of ten years from the official opening of the precinct or if donated after the official opening for 10 years from payment and is not changeable or transferrable.

6. Location of Picket

Qld Cricket reserves rights to allocate the location of the picket plaque donated at their discretion.

7. Damage to Picket

Qld Cricket will repair or replace the picket plaque if there is any material damage in the 10-year period of the recognition.

8. Privacy and Terms of Use of Qld Cricket Membership Website

8.1 Privacy 

Qld Cricket collect your personal information to communicate with you in relation to information and offers from Qld Cricket and to provide Qld Cricket’s products and services.

By providing your personal information you agree it will be disclosed to, and used by, Qld Cricket under the terms of this statement and Qld Cricket’s Privacy Policy (at qldcricket.com.au/privacy-policy), which contains information about how you may access and seek to correct your personal information or complain about a breach of your privacy, and how Qld Cricket will deal with that complaint.

Qld Cricket may disclose your personal information to other parties, including Qld Cricket’s commercial partners and third-party service providers, who may be located (and so your personal information may be disclosed) overseas, including in India, the USA and the UK, and other countries from time to time. If you elect to receive offers and information, Qld Cricket may use and disclose your personal information to those third parties for direct marketing purposes.

You may choose not to provide Qld Cricket with certain information, though this may affect the service that you receive and may prevent Qld Cricket from fulfilling your donation. As such you accept any impact or loss of rights due to that choice.

8.2 Use of content

Through purchasing a picket, you provide consent to the use of content generated by the website, including social tiles, by Qld Cricket for marketing and promotional purposes, on a perpetual basis, without any compensation.

8.3 Opting out of Communications

Donors may remove themselves from any mail and email communications at any time by following one of the following options:

  • Following the relevant unsubscribe instructions contained in any electronic communication which you receive from Qld Cricket;
  • Writing to Qld Cricket at PO Box 575, Albion QLD 4010 to the attention of ” Qld Cricket Foundation” requesting cancellation of any email, or mail communications;
  • Emailing Qld Cricket Foundation at foundation@Qldcricket.com.au requesting cancellation of any email, or mail communications; or
  • Contacting the Qld Cricket Reception on 07 3292 3100.

8.4 Website Terms of Use

At any time you enter the Qld Cricket websites, qldcricket.com.aubuyapicket.com.au or any other website of Qld Cricket, you agree to be bound by the terms governing use of the website that are in force at that time.

8.5 Change of Personal Details

The Donor is responsible for notifying Qld Cricket should their personal details change, including contact details or any other relevant information that could affect the donation to Qld Cricket Foundation within 30 days from payment.

9. Technological Issues

Qld Cricket is not responsible for any infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorised intervention, fraud, technical failures, or any other causes beyond the control of Qld Cricket, including those that cause the delay or non-delivery of emails to and from Qld Cricket. Qld Cricket reserves the right to disqualify any individual who tampers with the registration process and to cancel his or her ‘Buy a Picket’ with Qld Cricket.

10. Amendment of the Terms and Conditions

Qld Cricket may vary these terms and conditions at any time in its discretion.

Qld Cricket will give notice of any amendments to these terms and conditions by:

  • Email to the email address which you notified us of on the registration page or in any subsequent communication we receive from you updating your contact details; or
  • Posting the revised terms and conditions on Qldcricket.com.au

Your continued registration as a ‘Buy a Picket’ donor of Qld Cricket after such notifications above will constitute acceptance by you of any amendments to the terms and conditions.

11. General

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Queensland. Each party submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of courts exercising jurisdiction there in connection with matters concerning these terms and conditions.

No failure to exercise or delay in exercising any right, power or remedy by Qld Cricket under these terms and conditions operates as a waiver of that right, power or remedy by Qld Cricket.

Any clause or provision of these terms and conditions that is prohibited or unenforceable in any jurisdiction is ineffective as to that jurisdiction solely to the extent of the prohibition or unenforceability. That does not invalidate the remaining clauses or provisions of these terms and conditions or affect the validity or enforceability of that clause or provision in any other jurisdiction.

12. Further Information

For further information or clarification on the Qld Cricket Foundation, please email foundation@qldcricket.com.au or call 07 3292 3100.